Quality policy

The satisfaction of our Clients, the management by processes, the minimization of potential operational risks and the development of opportunities are the main areas of intervention in our approach to Prevention and Continuous Improvement.

This policy is aimed at ensuring responsible and proactive management of all the risks associated with the different activities related to the marketing of industrial components for machining, stamping, hinges, ladders, bearings, cable tensioners, guide greasers, silent-blocks, wheels for guides, return pulleys and aluminum parts (extruded and injected) and support (administration, purchases, etc.) from TECHNOQ.

All this, with the commitment of each one of us to achieve Continuous Improvement in the development of our activities and in the application of the TECHNOQ SGC Policy, through the development of:

  • Ensure the evaluation and continuous improvement of the performance of our activity and key processes in daily operations and the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Comply with the Legal, Regulatory and Regulatory requirements, applying the best practices in terms of Quality.
  • Disseminate and maintain a culture that encourages the people of TECHNOQ and our suppliers to actively participate in the continuous improvement of our quality system.
  • Develop an effective and transparent Information and Communication System with TECHNOQ stakeholders (customers, Environment, Suppliers, employees) and incorporate their needs as one more element of information and feedback of our Continuous Improvement System.
  • Develop and maintain a Proactive and Integrated Management of the Prevention and Reduction of Risks and Non-Quality, favoring the identification of Opportunities for Improvement.

TECHNOQ is structured to ensure the achievement of the points described in the Integrated Management Policy, the proper assignment of responsibilities and compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System Manual.

Zaragoza, November 13, 2020

Fernando Artero

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